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New Cylinder Kit Stage6 R/T FL 100cc RC-ONE / P.R.E (Flanged Mount) View larger

Cylinder Kit Stage6 R/T FL 100cc RC-ONE / P.R.E (Flanged Mount)



his cylinder is the result of years of development and dyno tests and delivers plenty of power: 100cc displacement (52 mm bore / 47 mm stroke / 100 mm connecting rod). The matching engine components guarantee maximum riding fun and unbridled power on the race track. The kit is designed for use with a flange mount crankcase such as 2Fast Passion, Malossi C-One, Malossi RC-One, Polini P.R.E. and TPR Factory. This combination of high-end engine parts and matching housing will allow setting new records and testing and exceeding limits; this kit is clearly part of the next generation of racing scooters. The output of this Stage6 R/T FL 100cc engine is definitely out of this world, and it is very reliable as well. The out of the box performance is already enourmous with over 37hp, but as usual the Stage6 R/T tuning pros have left enough space and material in the cylinder so more ambitious tuners can tease out even more power.

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