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Original Variator roller size : 15x12mm

Variators // Sport

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    The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality variator from Malossi. Included in the package are a torque spring and a set of 16x13mm weights. CAD-designed roller area to give very good acceleration and a wider range. The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality...

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    These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's newest development. They are of high quality and feature an optimised ramp design. The Polini Hi-Speed offers a combination of improved pull you can feel and a higher top speed. Depending on the model, the kit usually includes a torque... These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's...

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  • CAD$ 62.99

    Naraku sports variator for PGO scooters. Delivery includes variator unit with counter pressure plate, 3 sliders and a variator sleeve. This variator features an insertion in the slider bearings, otherwise found on the Polini Overrange variators. This ensures better heat... Naraku sports variator for PGO...

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  • CAD$ 79.99

    The Athena Speed Variator is an interesting parts for configurations equipped with 50 and 70cc Sport engine. Such as leading competitors Polini Hi-Speed and Malossi Multivar, it was designed and manufactured to maximize engine performance on all ranges. This ensures better... The Athena Speed Variator is an...

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  • CAD$ 24.99

    Aramid reinforced belt from well respected Italian company Dayco, sister company to Pirelli. The woven aramid fibre makes this belt much more durable than standard V-belts. Dayco belts meet the highest standard and are preferably used in Maxi scooters or motor scooters with... Aramid reinforced belt from well...

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