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  • CAD$ 50.99

    This two-petal reed block complements your Stage6 setup and supports the cylinder charge if you have a 19 mm carb or higher. The layout is based on the one of the reed blocks included in the well-known induction systems. Included in the delivery are the NBR-reedvalve with... This two-petal reed block complements...

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    CAD$ 50.99
  • CAD$ 85.99

    This vulcanised two-reed block completes your Stage6 setup and is ideal to assist cylinder charges with 19mm carbs and more. The layout has been adapted from the reed valve of the well-known intake system. Included in the package are the reed valve made of fuel-resistant... This vulcanised two-reed block...

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    CAD$ 85.99
  • CAD$ 82.99

    These are reed valves designed with flow corner and with calculed capacity section. The petals are made of a material composed of karbonit and carbon.They are manufactured with advanced production processes and with the use of raw materials carefully selected. These reed... These are reed valves designed with...

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    CAD$ 82.99

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