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  • CAD $79.99

    Naraku V.3 carburettor 18.5mm for 50cc 4-stroke scooters. Top quality at an affordable price. No start issues as with Chinese alternatives and good drive. Prevents flat sports, and allows you to conveniently drain the float bowls. Complete with E-choke and 84 main jet. 18.5mm... Naraku V.3 carburettor 18.5mm for...

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    CAD $79.99
  • CAD $97.99

    Naraku 24mm pressure-controlled tuning carburettor. 24mm intake for 85cc+ cylinders with relevant sized heads. E-choke and 102 Main Jet, with 42mm air filter connection. No accelerator pump to prevent over oiling. Great for a performance increase on 85-180cc 4-stroke engines.... Naraku 24mm pressure-controlled...

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    CAD $97.99

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