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    This is a sport exhaust in MHR style with road homologation. The multi-tapered header contributes to the cool Racing Replica look. The most elaborate detail is definitely the beautiful silencer, which also resembles the MHR Team ones. Performancewise, the exhaust is designed... This is a sport exhaust in MHR style...

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    Sports exhaust system optimized for 70cc cylinders, with E-certification. Yasuni is always striving to offer the perfect product. The Yasuni R is the perfect scooter exhaust. Developed from the Yasuni Z system and perfectly adapted to 70cc sports and mid-race cylinders. A... Sports exhaust system optimized for...

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    Reverse exhausts have been developed by Giannelli R&D to offer a top-level system. The muffler is manually welded and the inner cone-shaped structure provides performance increase at higher range while keeping noise levels within European standards. Transparent paint and... Reverse exhausts have been developed...

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