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  • CAD$ 13.99

    Naraku unrestricted CDI unit. Can also be used on untuned engines, and increases the rev limit from the original 8-9,00rpm. A must for tuned engines. Vehicle list for Kymco scooters. Suitable for: KYMCO Super 9AC up to chassis No..: RFBS1010029101088 (small CDI as shown) KYMCO... Naraku unrestricted CDI unit. Can...

    In stock
    CAD$ 13.99
  • CAD$ 36.99

    New version of the micro-processor-controlled ignition box kit with aluminium racing CDI unit and converter. For better spark and adjustability. A true racing component! Unlocks extra rpm, thereby increasing power. This is where cylinder kits or tuning exhaust come into their... New version of the...

    In stock
    CAD$ 36.99