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  • CAD$ 17.99

    Naraku unrestricted CDI unit for horizontal Minarelli engines and some 2-stroke Chinese-built models. Not suitable for vehicles with a Ducati ignition (Malaguti and Beta models). Also makes a suitable spare replacement. Naraku unrestricted CDI unit for...

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    CAD$ 17.99
  • CAD$ 14.99

    Replacement CDI unit for Minarelli engines. Fits all vehicles with Minarelli horizontal engines and also some Chinese 2-stroke models. Not suitable for vehicles with Ducati ignition system (single Beta & Malaguti models). Please check in advance which ignition system is... Replacement CDI unit for Minarelli...

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    CAD$ 14.99
  • CAD$ 209.99

    Electronic control module allowing you to convert your analogue MVT "Premium" ignition with fixed ignition timing into a digital ignition with variable ignition timing. Several pre-programmed curves to choose the ignition timing(s) you want wich allow to reach really better... Electronic control module allowing...

    Available on order
    CAD$ 209.99
  • CAD$ 169.99

    Replacement CDI for MVT Digital Direct ignition. The advantage of the Digital direct CDI is the variable ignition curve not offered on the MVT premium, meaning that ignition advance is rev-dependent in order to max out performance at all RPM. Can be used as improve on the... Replacement CDI for MVT Digital...

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    CAD$ 169.99
  • CAD$ 229.99

    As always with Stage6, you can buy all spare parts separately in our shop. CDI Ignition Unit for PVL Stage6 R/T ignitions. To ensure your CDI's long life, you should put it on silentbloc/anti-vibration buffers. As always with Stage6, you can buy...

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    CAD$ 229.99

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