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Piaggio Typhoon 50 (2T)

Cylinders // 50cc

Cylinders // Sport 70cc (Cast-Iron)

Cylinders // Sport 70cc (Aluminium)

  • CAD$ 219.99

    The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc aluminium cylinder is a good and affordable cylinder that has been popular with many tuners - and now Stage6, with their new Sport Pro MKII, are taking it one step further. A completely new design incl. new transfer ports cater for 2 hp more, which... The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc aluminium...

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    CAD$ 219.99
  • CAD$ 149.99

    With the Airsal 70cc, you get an aluminium cylinder for the same price that would normally buy you a common cast-iron cylinder. It has a hardened chrome-nikasil bore, and due to the fact that it is made of aluminium it has better heat dissipation properties than the cast-iron... With the Airsal 70cc, you get an...

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    CAD$ 149.99
  • CAD$ 229.99

    High performance sport aluminum Cylinder kit made in Italy by Athena. The thermal advantages of aluminum provides these cylinders with better colling and a higher peak power than cast-iron cylinder. Developed with 3D Solid Modelling software creating virtual simulation and... High performance sport aluminum...

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    CAD$ 229.99

Cylinders // Racing 70cc

Cylinders // High-End 70cc