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Piaggio Typhoon 50 (2T)

Cylinders // 50cc

  • CAD$ 60.99

    If you're looking for a bargain replacement cylinder, this might be it! We can offer you this cylinder for a great price. Dimensions are the same as the original ones, so you can use it on public roads. The kit comes with piston and gasket set; cylinder head has to be ordered... If you're looking for a bargain...

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    CAD$ 60.99
  • CAD$ 229.99

    Malossi also offers a cylinder with a bore of 40mm. Thanks to optimized port durations and an enlarged exhaust port, this grey cast iron cylinder yields about 2-3 hp more than the stock cylinder. The cylinder comes complete with gaskets, piston and head. Works very well with... Malossi also offers a cylinder with a...

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    CAD$ 229.99
  • CAD$ 309.99

    50cc MHR racing cylinder from Malossi - one of the strongest ones of its capacity class, only the 50cc MHR TEAM cylinder is better. Exhaust port is equipped with two auxiliary ports. In conjunction with the right exhaust and a larger carburettor, you can expect about 10-13 hp.... 50cc MHR racing cylinder from Malossi...

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    CAD$ 309.99
  • CAD$ 66.99

    Great price cylinder kit for air-cooled Piaggio engines. The cylinder kit is identical in size and performance to the original, making it an obvious choice for a road legal replacement. Top choice if you are looking for a replacement cylinder kit. Kit dispatched complete with... Great price cylinder kit for...

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    CAD$ 66.99

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