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  • CAD$ 58.39 CAD$ 72.99

    Sport bias tire with well-balanced in abrasion resistance and grip. Combines narrow and wide grooves to provide a flexible tread surface for superior road holding and traction on wet roads. RX-01’s stronger casing construction provides improved straight-line stability. Sport bias tire with well-balanced in...

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    CAD$ 58.39 CAD$ 72.99
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  • CAD$ 95.99 CAD$ 119.99

    The RX-01 is known as an all-around sport biasply tire and is a favorite of riders. The newly released RX-02 keeps the basic concept of the RX-01 and adds in a number of technical upgrades to increase the “Easy to Handle” from the rider's perspective. RX-02 wet performance is... The RX-01 is known as an all-around...

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    CAD$ 95.99 CAD$ 119.99
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