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Crankshafts // Replacement

  • CAD$ 126.99

    Very good quality aftermarket crank for horizontal 50cc Kymco AC, LC and SF10 engines. The crank is a 100% match to the original and is an outstanding aftermarket item. Also a good everyday choice for lightly-tuned 70cc sports engines. Crank requires 12mm gudgeon pins, as... Very good quality aftermarket crank...

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    CAD$ 126.99

Crankshafts // Sport

  • CAD$ 105.99

    Good quality crank for horizontal 50cc Kymco and SYM AC / LC engines. Matches original 100%. Also suitable for lightly tuned to 70cc sports cylinders. Crank with short variator stump: approx.. 9.6cm from crank cheek, please check prior to ordering. We recommend a new set of... Good quality crank for horizontal...

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    CAD$ 105.99

Crankshafts // Racing

  • CAD$ 179.99

    Crankshaft in High Quality from Top Racing. The specialist Portuguese crankshaft manufacturer is a symbol of high quality crankshafts. Advanced production techniques, and over 50 years experience in both standard and racing crankshafts. Crankshaft conforms to all standards and... Crankshaft in High Quality from Top...

    In stock
    CAD$ 179.99

Crankshafts // Crankshaft Bearings

  • CAD$ 69.99

    Crankshaft bearing set from NARAKU, consisting of crankshaft bearings for both sides and matching oil seals. The name of the bearings already tells you all you need to know about the durability. Only high-quality Japanese bearings from NTN or Honda with a clearance of C3 are... Crankshaft bearing set from NARAKU,...

    In stock
    CAD$ 69.99

Crankshafts // Needle Bearings