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  • CAD $74.99

    Stage6 have extended their clutch range to include the Sport PRO version. This three-shoe clutch can be adjusted by using different clutch springs and choosing between two lock-in positions. Its beefed-up clutch shoes are held in place with a reinforcing ring and forged... Stage6 have extended their clutch...

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    CAD $74.99
  • CAD $40.99

    The Motoforce Racing has lighter clutch shoes, which leads to engagement at higher revs, thus providing better acceleration. If you want the clutch to engage at even higher revs, all you have to do is to choose stiffer springs (available separately). The Motoforce Racing has lighter...

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    CAD $40.99
  • CAD $64.99

    The Motoforce Evolution is a 3-shoe clutch with the possibility to adjust spring preload at the back of the clutch without having to take the whole clutch off the rear pulleys. The adjustment method is the same as with Hebo clutches but the Evolution has different clutch... The Motoforce Evolution is a 3-shoe...

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  • CAD $76.99

    High quality sport clutch from Malossi. Can be adjusted via differently strong springs. High quality linings ensure good grip also when the transmission is hot. The clutch engages at higher revs. Stronger springs are available. High quality sport clutch from...

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    CAD $76.99
  • CAD $59.99

    Polini offer here the little brother of the 3G For race Clutch. Clutch engagement can be adjusted by exchanging the supplied springs. For adjustment, you need to replace the clutch springs. Polini offer here the little brother...

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