Mini Quad / UTV


Cylinders // 50cc

  • CAD $76.99 CAD $109.99

    We can offer you the Airsal 50cc Sport for the most common scooter models. It has a chrome-nikasil coated bore and is made of aluminium, which has better heat dissipation properties than cast-iron cylinders. The performance is comparable with the Polini Sport. A bigger carb is... We can offer you the Airsal 50cc...

    CAD $76.99 CAD $109.99
    Reduced price!
  • CAD $87.99

    Good quality replacement cast iron cylinder kit from specialist Naraku for Kymco 50cc scooters with the horizontal engine (SF10). The Naraku piston is supplied with a molybdenum coating which protects both cylinder and piston during the running in process, this coating usually... Good quality replacement cast iron...

    CAD $87.99

Cylinders // Sport 70cc (Cast-Iron)

Cylinders // Sport 70cc (Aluminium)

Cylinders // Replacement parts