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GY6 Swap parts 

Here is all the parts required for Complete GY6 150cc swap.

GY6 Swap Parts // Intake Flange

GY6 Swap Parts // Harness

GY6 Swap Parts // Brake & Throttle Cables

GY6 Swap Parts // Fuel Pump

GY6 Swap Parts // Engine Parts

GY6 Swap Parts // Exhausts

GY6 Swap Parts // Standard Wheel Exhausts

GY6 Swap Parts // Suspension

GY6 Swap Parts // Engine Mount

GY6 Swap Parts // Hub & Brake

GY6 Swap Parts // Fatty Wheels

GY6 Swap Parts // Standard Wheels

GY6 Swap Parts // Tires

  • CAD$ 111.99

    This Michelin tire with a unique profile provides optimum grip and performance at an economical price. This Michelin tire with a unique...

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  • CAD$ 69.99

    IRC high quality dual-Purpose scooter tires that provide good traction on both street and dirt. IRC high quality dual-Purpose scooter...

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  • CAD$ 79.99

    Sport scooter tires with a stylish profile. Large contact patch provides excellent grip Sport scooter tires with a stylish...

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  • CAD$ 86.99

    Chunky, aggressive design for street-oriented dual-sports. Original equipment tires on models from several major manufacturers. Gravel and fire. road performance while maintaining excellent street manners. Long tread life for one of the best value motorcycle tires on the market Chunky, aggressive design for...

    Product available with different options
    CAD$ 86.99
  • CAD$ 87.99

    Calling all adventurers! We’ve got the road companion you’ve been seeking. Meet Kenda’s all-new Big Block adventure bike tires. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the motorcycle purists and the thrill riders, alike, these adventure motorcycle tires will support you... Calling all adventurers! We’ve got...

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