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Brake // Pads

  • CAD$ 16.99

    Solid braking performance and good durability at an unbeatable price. For additional assurance, please check the brake pads in the image with those from the vehicle. Delivery as pictured. 101 Octane - replacement parts for scooters, mopeds and motorcycles at an excellent price. Solid braking performance and good...

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    CAD$ 16.99
  • CAD$ 19.99

    The organic coating composition can be dosed easily and protects the brake disc. This Polini brake lining has a KBA released and may be legally used on public roads as high-quality spare parts. HxWxD: 42,0x96,5x7,4mm HxWxD: 42,0x77,0x7,8mm The organic coating composition can...

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    CAD$ 19.99
  • CAD$ 35.99

    Pads of the Italian tradition mark Polini with organic lining composition. Outstanding braking performance and a good price-performance ratio make these scooters pads.The pads are provided with a KBA released. They may be used legally on the road and are thus not only on the... Pads of the Italian tradition mark...

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    CAD$ 35.99

Brake // Shoes

  • CAD$ 22.99

    Standard quality brake shoe set. 2x new springs supplied. Performance and design match the original. Shoe dimensions: 130x25mm. For rear brake use. (Except the Italjet Velocifero, where it is front mounted) Standard quality brake shoe set. 2x...

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    CAD$ 22.99

Brake // Disc

  • CAD$ 29.99

    Low-cost standard brake disc in original quality. This brake disc has 3 mounting points and a diameter of 180mm. For front and rear disc brakes with 180mm external diameter. Low-cost standard brake disc in...

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    CAD$ 29.99
  • CAD$ 119.99

    NG Brake discs for motorcycles, scooters, quads and ATVs, as used by over 30 top manufacturers from Europe and Japan as factory-fitted items. All discs are TÜV Rheinland certified and road legal and come with federal operating approval. OEM-version matches the original item,... NG Brake discs for motorcycles,...

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    CAD$ 119.99

Brake // Levers