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Variators // Oversize

  • CAD$ 179.99

    The oversize vario from Stage6 - the optimal complement to the Stage6 oversize torque driver. Bigger CVT systems are becoming essential parts for race and midrace engines, extending the whole range of transmission.The Stage6 R/T variator has revised roller curves that have... The oversize vario from Stage6 - the...

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    CAD$ 179.99
  • CAD$ 149.99

    In time for the 2008 season, Malossi's MHR Oversize variator received a small, but important makeover. The bushing's diameter was increased from 20 to 22mm and its length was increased, which also required a revision of the ramp plate. The variator itself has been left... In time for the 2008 season,...

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    CAD$ 149.99
  • CAD$ 189.99

    This variator works 19x15,5mm in the dimensions of 6 variator rollers. There are 2 sets of variator rollers included, so can optionally be equipped with 3.8 or 4.3 g. The kit also includes a new back-pressure spring and an Evo-Slider to eliminate the friction between the... This variator works 19x15,5mm in the...

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    CAD$ 189.99

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