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  • CAD$ 70.99

    New version. The variator from the Motoforce Racing series sets new standards when it comes to price performance ratio. The performance has been visibly improved, offering even better shifting characteristics. The variator comes with two or three weight sets, which gives a... New version. The variator from the...

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    CAD$ 70.99
  • CAD$ 100.99

    The variator comes adjusted for use with a 50cc cylinder and a Stage6 ProReplica exhaust system. It has been developed and optimised for use with Stage6 SportPro/ Streetrace or similar 70cc sport cylinders though. The back of the variator and the roller tracks are hard coated,... The variator comes adjusted for use...

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    CAD$ 100.99
  • CAD$ 91.99

    These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's newest development. They are of high quality and feature an optimised ramp design. Furthermore, every kit includes a torque spring that prevents belt slip and thus ensures better power transmission. The really cool thing is, however, the... These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's...

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    CAD$ 91.99
  • CAD$ 115.99

    With their Multivar 2000 Malossi put out their latest development in Maxi variators. It makes the best of the engines power range by adapting the rollers, thus giving better acceleration and top speed. vario rollers (19x15.5mm) With their Multivar 2000 Malossi put...

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    CAD$ 115.99
  • CAD$ 124.99

    On the sidelines of its new product developments for 4 stroke engines, YASUNI does not forget the 2 stroke. YASUNI is entering a new phase in the market for performance for scooter, starting with the launch of a brand new range of 2-stroke scooter variator. Following the same... On the sidelines of its new product...

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    CAD$ 124.99

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