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  • CAD $239.99

    Budget fork for CPI Hussar and Popcorn. Tube diameter is 30mm, spring rate is slightly higher than the one of the original fork, hence these forks are less likely to bottom out than the standard one. In addition to that, damping of fork may be adjusted by using different... Budget fork for CPI Hussar and...

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    CAD $239.99
  • CAD $121.99

    New triple clamp for replacement after a crash or collision. Always renew bearings when installing a new triple clamp. 31Mm diameter, 380mm in length with steerer tube. New triple clamp for replacement...

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    CAD $121.99
  • CAD $17.99

    When exchanging the fork or noticing too much play in the steering assembly, you should replace the steering bearings. This set includes all top and bottom bearings necessary. You should grease the bearings before assembling them When exchanging the fork or noticing...

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    CAD $17.99

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