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  • CAD$ 45.99

    Stage6 is the first manufacturer to offer a homologated riser kit that is allowed on public roads. The riser kit has been CNC-machined from solid aluminium. It raises the rear end by 40mm so that the front is lower than the rear. The riser kit can be mounted within a few... Stage6 is the first manufacturer to...

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    CAD$ 45.99
  • CAD$ 26.99

    So raising your chassis by 40mm is still not enough for you? Then go for this XL riser kit with an enormous 60mm length. Fitting takes only a few minutes. Using a side stand is recommended. Please take into account that you will have to rotate the rear shock by 90 degrees and... So raising your chassis by 40mm is...

    In stock
    CAD$ 26.99