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Variators // Replacement

  • CAD $31.99

    Naraku replacement variator for 50cc horizontal and upright 2-stroke Minarelli engines with 13mm tail shaft. The weight tracks correspond to the original variator. This is a quality replacement variator with no performance enhancement. A good choice for those who just need... Naraku replacement variator for 50cc...

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    CAD $31.99
  • CAD $29.99

    Bargain replacement variator from Toxik, comes with one set of roller weights. Characteristics are like those of the original part, so this makes a good replacement without performance increase. Bargain replacement variator from...

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    CAD $29.99

Variators // Sport

  • CAD $56.99

    New version. The variator from the Motoforce Racing series sets new standards when it comes to price performance ratio. The performance has been visibly improved, offering even better shifting characteristics. The variator comes with two or three weight sets, which gives a... New version. The variator from the...

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    CAD $56.99
  • CAD $90.99

    The variator comes adjusted for use with a 50cc cylinder and a Stage6 ProReplica exhaust system. It has been developed and optimised for use with Stage6 SportPro/ Streetrace or similar 70cc sport cylinders though. The back of the variator and the roller tracks are hard coated,... The variator comes adjusted for use...

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    CAD $90.99
  • CAD $86.99

    These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's newest development. They are of high quality and feature an optimised ramp design.  The Polini Hi-Speed offers a combination of improved pull you can feel and a higher top speed.  Depending on the model, the kit usually includes a torque... These HI-SPEED variators are Polini's...

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    CAD $86.99
  • CAD $99.99

    The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality variator from Malossi. Included in the package are a torque spring and a set of 16x13mm weights. CAD-designed roller area to give very good acceleration and a wider range. Incl. 7g roller . The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality...

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    CAD $99.99
  • CAD $79.99

    The Athena Speed Variator is an interesting parts for configurations equipped with 50 and 70cc Sport engine. Such as leading competitors Polini Hi-Speed and Malossi Multivar, it was designed and manufactured to maximize engine performance on all ranges. This ensures better... The Athena Speed Variator is an...

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    CAD $79.99
  • CAD $149.99

    Doppler offers here his S3R Variator. It has a wide operating range and especially high stability, essential quality to the optimum transmission of powerfull engine. The Doppler study desk is achieved this by perfect match between the torque spring and the variator. The spring... Doppler offers here his S3R Variator....

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    CAD $149.99
  • CAD $54.99

    NARAKU sports variator for Minarelli engines. When calibrated, this variator provides good acceleration at higher top speeds. The restriction of the original variator is lifted giving a greater top end. The set comes with 5.8g Variator weights 15x12mm. These weights are... NARAKU sports variator for Minarelli...

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    CAD $54.99
  • CAD $149.99

    Following the success of the Evo 2 version, Evo 3 high end variomatic not only impresses with its performance values. The improvement made in the choice of construction materials and production quality satisfies the needs of our customers. The main advantages of the new EVO3... Following the success of the Evo 2...

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    CAD $149.99

Variators // Oversize

Variators // Oversize CVT

  • CAD $439.99

    The Stage6 R/T Oversize CVT system. Enlarged CVT systems that extend the complete transmission range have become essential for race and midrace engines. The Stage6 R/T variator offers revised roller curves (optimised for R/T engines) for 19x15.5mm weights, which results in... The Stage6 R/T Oversize CVT system....

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    CAD $439.99
  • CAD $419.99

    New version available since September 2005. This is the complete kit from the Malossi Hyper Racing (MHR) series. It consists of the complete rear pulleys (fixed and movable halves) contra spring, MHR variator, fixed half of the vario and oversize drive belt. Thanks to the... New version available since September...

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    CAD $419.99
  • CAD $549.99

    Malossi’s overrange kit has been completely revised and now goes under the name of “La Furia Rossa”. The rear pulleys are completely made out of aluminium, minimising weight and also giving a more instant response. They now come with holes for better cooling, and the exterior... Malossi’s overrange kit has been...

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    CAD $549.99

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Variators // Racing Drive Belt

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