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  • CAD$ 149.99

    Tecnigas Silent Pro E-marked exhaust system for 4 stroke engines. Fits all 50cc GY6 4-stroke scooters with 12 or 13 inch wheels. The manufacturer provides the system with fittings, clutch springs and variator rollers. Perfect replacement road legal exhaust. Exhaust gasket must... Tecnigas Silent Pro E-marked exhaust...

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    CAD$ 149.99
  • CAD$ 189.99

    The Tecnigas Next-R suitable for GY6 50cc 4-stroke and 4-stroke engines Kymco. This exhaust has a good energy yield with relatively low sound. In terms of performance, the next-R exhaust system on the LeoVince TT to locate parts. The Tecnigas Next-R system is delivered with... The Tecnigas Next-R suitable for GY6...

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    CAD$ 189.99

Exhaust Systems // Racing

  • CAD$ 239.99

    Leovince`s 4-stroke exhaust system features a motocross-style silencer with a coarse but not too loud 4-stroke sound. This very system is delivered with e-mark and is legally allowed on public roads. The exhaust, as usual is very well made and mounting hardware is included.... Leovince`s 4-stroke exhaust system...

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    CAD$ 239.99
  • CAD$ 259.99

    The NARAKU crossover combines Racing design with an internal structure that is tailored to the requirements of 4-stroke engines. Road legal thanks to E-certification . Most 4-stroke exhausts are just borrowed from 2-stroke series and only the brackets have been altered. The... The NARAKU crossover combines Racing...

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    CAD$ 259.99
  • CAD$ 379.99

    Among insiders, the Turbo Kit name is synonymous with peak performance. The GMax Scooters exhaust is a new product, which combines everything that a 4-stroke Scooters rider could ever desire. Maximum power, muffled, unobtrusive sound, stainless steel / aluminium construction,... Among insiders, the Turbo Kit name is...

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    CAD$ 379.99