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Variators // Replacement

Variators // Sport

  • CAD$ 83.99

    New version. The variator from the Motoforce Racing series sets new standards when it comes to price performance ratio. The performance has been visibly improved, offering even better shifting characteristics. The variator comes with two or three weight sets, which gives a... New version. The variator from the...

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    CAD$ 83.99
  • CAD$ 60.99

    The NARAKU HS High Speed Variator is an evolution of one of the most successful variators. The design of the roller tracks results in a maximum of torque and top speed. The key to a good variator is that is has to be able to keep the power band as high as possible. Included in... The NARAKU HS High Speed Variator is...

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    CAD$ 60.99
  • CAD$ 102.99

    The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality variator from Malossi. Included in the package are a torque spring and a set of 16x13mm weights. CAD-designed roller area to give very good acceleration and a wider range. The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality...

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    CAD$ 102.99
  • CAD$ 79.99

    The Athena Speed Variator is an interesting parts for configurations equipped with 50 and 70cc Sport engine. Such as leading competitors Polini Hi-Speed and Malossi Multivar, it was designed and manufactured to maximize engine performance on all ranges. This ensures better... The Athena Speed Variator is an...

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    CAD$ 79.99
  • CAD$ 84.99

    The Polini Maxi Hi-Speed is one of the strongest variators in maxi scooter range. The emphasis was placed on the construction of the roller tracks, which optimally exploit the available power band of the engine resulting in better acceleration and a little more top speed. The Polini Maxi Hi-Speed is one of...

    4 - 20 days
    CAD$ 84.99

Variators // Sport Drive Belt

Variators // Racing Drive Belt

  • CAD$ 44.99

    Malossi usually offers excellent and well thought-out tuning parts. Unfortunately, the Kevlar fibres lead to a slipping of the drive belt especially when starting up the engine, when the transmission ratio is very low and a lot of force gets transmitted onto the rear pulleys.... Malossi usually offers excellent and...

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    CAD$ 44.99

Variators // Roller Weight

Variators // Torque Spring

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item