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Variators // Sport

  • CAD $100.99

    The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality variator from Malossi. Included in the package are a torque spring and a set of 16x13mm weights. CAD-designed roller area to give very good acceleration and a wider range. The MULTIVAR is a sturdy high-quality...

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    CAD $100.99

Variators // Sport Drive Belt

Variators // Racing Drive Belt

  • CAD $46.99

    Malossi usually offers excellent and well thought-out tuning parts. Unfortunately, the Kevlar fibres lead to a slipping of the drive belt especially when starting up the engine, when the transmission ratio is very low and a lot of force gets transmitted onto the rear pulleys.... Malossi usually offers excellent and...

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    CAD $46.99

Variators // Roller Weight

Variators // Torque Drivers

Variators // Torque Spring