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Crankshafts // Replacement

  • CAD $179.99

    This Motoforce product is a bargain crankshaft in OEM quality; can be used as a replacement for the original crankshaft or in slightly tuned engines. Construction is the same as of the original part; with lubrication hole in the small-end. This Motoforce product is a bargain...

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    CAD $179.99

Crankshafts // Racing

  • CAD $419.99

    High quality crankshaft by Malossi. HPC stands for high primary compression, or in plain English, it's a fullcircle crankshaft. The higher primary compression leads to a better charge, which moves the power band up the rpm range. Slightly weaker acceleration but more power are... High quality crankshaft by Malossi....

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    CAD $419.99

Crankshafts // Crankshaft Bearings

Crankshafts // Needle Bearings