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  • CAD$ 239.99

    Leovince`s 4-stroke exhaust system features a motocross-style silencer with a coarse but not too loud 4-stroke sound. This very system is delivered with e-mark and is legally allowed on public roads. The exhaust, as usual is very well made and mounting hardware is included.... Leovince`s 4-stroke exhaust system...

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    CAD$ 239.99
  • CAD$ 279.99

    The NARAKU crossover combines Racing design with an internal structure that is tailored to the requirements of 4-stroke engines. Road legal thanks to E-certification . Most 4-stroke exhausts are just borrowed from 2-stroke series and only the brackets have been altered. The... The NARAKU crossover combines Racing...

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    CAD$ 279.99
  • CAD$ 379.99

    Among insiders, the Turbo Kit name is synonymous with peak performance. The GMax Scooters exhaust is a new product, which combines everything that a 4-stroke Scooters rider could ever desire. Maximum power, muffled, unobtrusive sound, stainless steel / aluminium construction,... Among insiders, the Turbo Kit name is...

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    CAD$ 379.99