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Gasket Maker Athena Athesil RTV High Performance 80ml View larger

Gasket Maker Athena Athesil RTV High Performance 80ml



Athesil, the brand new RTV (Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing Silicone) is the sealant developed by Athena, the world's leading brand of Aftermarket gaskets and sealing products, meets the specific needs of professional technicians and mechanics in the automotive, nautical, motorcycle, industrial and off-road markets. Born to be the premium choice for every professional in the world of engines, it is extremely versatile, and it is the ultimate solution for maintenance and repair. Athesil joins, seals, repairs, corrects, fixes, and can be used as FIPG ("formed-in-place" gasket) for sealing and adhesion of glass, plastic or metal components, crankcases, pumps and flanges. After polymerization, Athesil forms a resistant, flexible and waterproof silicone rubber seal that perfectly resists aging, atmospheric agents and thermal cycles while remaining permanently elastic. Fluid resistant and thermally stable, Athesil does not damage lambda sensors, is easy to apply, and it is non-toxic nor flammable.

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