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    Advanced specification gear and transmission oil. It contains E.P. additives which protect transmission parts even under severe shock load conditions and give outstanding long life wear resistance. By reducing viscous drag and friction, the product ensures smooth and slick... Advanced specification gear and...

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    Very high lubricant power to withstand successive full speed start-ups and stops in city driving conditions. Oil film thickness remains suficient in the various driving conditions, idle, sharp accelerations, full power. Extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives to increase set... Very high lubricant power to...

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lubricants & Chemical // Chemicals

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    This Most G-101 oil has been designed to solve the problems of corrosion and rust on unvarnished mufflers. This oil contains Teflon that is acting as a second skin. When the exhaust heats the product enters the steel up to 3 microns. The protection is at the maximum for a long... This Most G-101 oil has been designed...

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