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Variators // Replacement

  • CAD$ 38.99

    Variator replacement in OEM-quality consisting variator unit with back plate, weights and sliders. Made in China. Variator replacement in OEM-quality...

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    CAD$ 38.99
  • CAD$ 48.99

    Complete variator in OEM quality. The variator is supplied as shown with variator, counter-pressure plate, fixed pulley, fan, sliders, star washer and 5.6 g variator weights, 16x13mm. The original variator bush from the vehicle can still be used, but should be cleaned prior to... Complete variator in OEM quality. The...

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    CAD$ 48.99

Variators // Sport

  • CAD$ 52.99

    Cheap, good quality replacement variator without performance enhancement from NARAKU. Set of weights (16x13 5.5 g) is supplied. Can be used with restricted or unrestricted original variator sleeves. Alternatively, this set is also available with 7.5 g weights. Cheap, good quality replacement...

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    CAD$ 52.99
  • CAD$ 72.99

    NARAKU sports variator for GY6 and 50cc Kymco 4-stroke engines. When calibrated, this variator provides good acceleration at higher speeds. The set comes with 6g Variator weights 16x13mm. These weights are suitable for scooters in original condition. If tuning components (e.g.... NARAKU sports variator for GY6 and...

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    CAD$ 72.99
  • CAD$ 88.99

    The NARAKU HS High Speed Variator is an evolution of one of the most successful variators for 4-stroke vehicles. The design of the weight surface yields maximum torque and top speed. The secret of a good variator is in the ability to hold the revs in the upper range for a long... The NARAKU HS High Speed Variator is...

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    CAD$ 88.99
  • CAD$ 94.99

    Polini Hi-Speed now available in a 4-stroke version set! Hi-Speed stands for better drive and smoother shifting. Supplied as shown with one set of rollers 16x13, 6.9g, and one set of sliders. We recommend a 15% stiffer counterpressure spring with this model. Polini quality for... Polini Hi-Speed now available in a...

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    CAD$ 94.99
  • CAD$ 108.99

    Malossi Multivar variomatic for great drive and shifting, as well as increased top end. [computer-optimized running surface] Now available for Chinese 4-stroke scooters with 139QMB and 139QMA engines. Specially developed for 50cc 4-stroke Chinese scooters. Counterpressure... Malossi Multivar variomatic for great...

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    CAD$ 108.99
  • CAD$ 74.99

    The Athena Speed Variator is an interesting parts for configurations equipped with 50 and 70cc Sport engine. Such as leading competitors Polini Hi-Speed and Malossi Multivar, it was designed and manufactured to maximize engine performance on all ranges. This ensures better... The Athena Speed Variator is an...

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    CAD$ 74.99

Variators // Oversize CVT

Variators // Sport Drive Belt

Variators // Racing Drive Belt

Variators // Front Pulley

  • CAD$ 14.99

    Front outer v-belt pulley. Suitable for GY6 139QMB/QMA engines, Kymco 4-stroke engines and Kymco models with horizontal cylinders. Outside diameter: 114mm. Inside diameter: 14mm Front outer v-belt pulley. Suitable...

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    CAD$ 14.99
  • CAD$ 66.99

    V.2 is the latest version of the CNC-machined pulley from NARAKU. This enhanced version now allows you to mount the original variator fan wheel and carrier star him. (Fig. 2), the edge angle was revised again and combines a little more top speed with sufficient power. The... V.2 is the latest version of the...

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    CAD$ 66.99

Variators // Torque Drivers

Variators // Torque Spring

Variators // Accessories